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Dae Kim
2 min readApr 1, 2021

Documentation of User Experience augmentation of Stuyvesant Cove Park, Manhattan, NY.

Based on the MVPs my team and I came up with, we created interactive prototypes of Digital library of Natural resource information and Digital of the park’s facilities.

Prototype ver. 1

For Natural Resource digital library, we focused on information hierarchy and legibility of the contents. Given that the service is for light hearted park visitors, the information we provide should not overwhelm the users. We also focused on the navigation system within the service to create a more intuitive interaction.
Note: Instead of icons, we used color codes and words as signifiers of navigation for a more straightforward understanding of the service.

For the digital map of the park, we came up with layering system which includes the park’s access points, its features, facilities, and other. Within these layers, information like direction, nearby environment, pathways, facilities, etc. We are pending on the use of icons as the park because, as shown in the picture below, the park is narrow and and it does not have repeating facilities. Therefore at the moment, we are using labeling system which is more straightforward way of presenting information to the users.

Prototype ver. 2

Being mindful of our client being a non-profit organization, we also came up with a different version of the design using an existing and a more open-sourced tools so that the design solutions can be implemented more affordably, and the management can easily make changes or maintain. We used Notion as a platform of our services, My Map function of google map as a platform for digital map prototype.



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